How can I protect my Windows root server?

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Windows protection root server

Flexservers works very hard to maintain a high standard for all our products and services.
Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that you are and you will be responsible for your server and server maintenance. Your server has to be installed with the latest patches and security updates as provided by the software supplier.
With an up to date and secured server, you will prevent unnecessary harm. For your and for other servers.

Our recommendations:

  • Login through Remote Desktop and perform Windows-updates. These updates are provided by Microsoft on a regular basis.
  • Make sure that you have a good anti virus program working with automated updates and automated scans of your server.
  • Upgrade your Plesk to the most recent version (and these version's updates).
  • Secure your server using the built-in firewall. Only open the gates you use (e.g. SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS etc.). Block all other gates: external netwerk scans will get no respons.
  • Disable the user (the account) SUPPORT, but do not delete the user ever. This user is often used to intrude your server through Plesk. If this user is disabled, this is no longer possible. However, for a good perfomance of Plesk it is eminent that you never delete this user.

We would like to point out that compromised servers that cause network problems will be taken offline, as stated in our AUP. The servers will be put back online only after a reinstallation of Windows.

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Windows protection root server