Virtuozzo documentation

Meet the power of the Virtuozzo Power Panel

The Virtuozzo documentation provides you with a comprehensive guide to the software. Customers with a virtual server can access the Virtuozzo Power Panel via: https://(Hostname or IP):4643

Virtuozzo Power Panel User manual

To get the most from your virtual server, please take a moment to read the Virtuozzo Power Panel User manual.

Virtuozzo Power Panel Tutorials

Watch and learn how the Virtuozzo Power Panels works and learn how you can start, stop, or restart your virtual server using Virtuozzo.

Parallels Power Panel

Below you will find a list of what the Virtuozzo Power Panel can do:

  • Start, stop, or restart the Container;
  • Repair the Container;
  • Reinstall the Container;
  • Back up and restore the Container;
  • Change the Container root password;
  • Start, stop, or restart certain services inside the Container;
  • Access other control panels installed in the Container, for example the Plesk control panel.
  • View a list of Container processes and send them signals;
  • View the current resources consumption and resources overusage alerts;
  • View the Virtuozzo logs, etc.

Virtuozzo tutorials

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