Virtuozzo advantages

Discover the unique capabilities of Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo provides full isolation between applications while its lean architecture allows a high server density. The unique Virtuozzo Containers architecture further accelerates the cost savings by reducing software licensing and support costs as well as through extensive management tools that help automate server management tasks.


Parallels Virtuozzo Containers' lean architecture performs at levels consistent with native servers. Virtuozzo has no virtualized hardware and uses native hardware and software drivers; making its performance unbeatable. Virtuozzo's performance makes it suitable for high I/O applications such as databases and email servers. Find out more about performance.


Each VE can seamlessly scale up to the resources of an entire physical server.

Consolidated OS and Application Management

Virtuozzo Containers uses a single OS, making it extremely simple to maintain and update across VEs. Applications may also be deployed as a single instance. Virtuozzo template technology allows the capability to update groups of servers or VEs to new patch levels.

Ultra Fast and Parallel Operations

Single OS instance with links and caches enable very fast VE provisioning and other operations. Create, restart, update, resize, backup/restore, migrate, and clone are just some of the fast operations optimized for parallel operations.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Change heavily detailed VE resource parameters in real-time, with the flexibility to enable burstable resource usage.

Management Suite of Tools

Designed for large-scale deployments with live deployments with as many as thousands of VEs on hundreds of physical servers. The complete suite includes permissions enabled browser-based and client interfaces for Virtuozzo Containers and VE administrators. Tools enable many operations including: convert, provision, monitor, backup, recover, analyze, troubleshoot, repair, migrate, self-manage and more, across both Windows and Linux platforms for easy consistent management.

Live Migration

Move VEs without a service interruption between non-shared storage, using a basic server and standard network configuration.

Broad Platform Support

General hardware independence, supporting any hardware supported by standard Windows and Linux operating systems. Platforms include: Itanium, x86, x64, EM64T and AMD64.

Virtuozzo documentation

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