Server virtualization with Virtuozzo

Virtuozzo is the most used virtualization solution in webhosting

Flexservers develops all our virtual server products based on Virtuozzo Containers. This virtualization software has a fantastic range of useful built-in functions and yet still offers a high performance solution.
Virtuozzo webinterface

Different virtualization methods

There are three different methods:

  1. Hardware virtualization
    This is the most well known method. VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server are very common. Very heavy hardware nodes are virtualized so that different operating systems can run together; virtual machines are created.
  2. Para-visualization
    Para-visualization looks similar to hardware virtualization in the way that it also allows multiple OSs to run on one hardware node. Xen is the only true open source product that uses this method. Xen adjusts the OS so that, with lower overhead, it performs better than hardware virtualization.
  3. OS virtualization
    Virtuozzo virtualizes the OS of a server without making changes to the OS itself. This brings huge advantages. However, an important disadvantage is that that it is not possible to run Windows and Linux on the same hardware node on the same time. Separate hardware nodes must be used.

There are multiple advantages in virtualization and with virtualization with Virtuozzo sepecificly:

  • More efficient use of hardware capacity
  • Less power usage, more environment friendly
  • Easy, stop, start and reboot
  • Upgrade or migrate without downtime
  • Less risk on downtime due to redundant hardware
  • Easy backup and restore of data via Virtuozzo Power Panel
  • Full integration with Parallels Plesk en Parallels HSPc
  • Less knowledge needed to perform server updates
  • Very short delivery time (within 2 hours after payment!)

Why Virtuozzo?

Virtuozzo is created by Parallels, the largest worldwide company in hosting-automation software. In the Netherlands Flexservers is the largest reseller of Parallels software. Other well known products by Parallels include Plesk, HSPc, Ensim, Modern Bill, Helm, PEM, Sitebuilder and Confix. Flexservers also uses Plesk and HSPc.

Because Virtuozzo does not modify any OS packages it can be use to do part of the system administration. Besides the low initial cost of a virtual server at Flexservers (VPS or VDS) this also makes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) extremely low.

Your TCO can become even lower when you have your server managed by Flexservers. Our system administrators will monitor your server 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Updates and security patches will be done by us, while you have access to the Plesk control panel and can easily add a domain with hosting, create a subdomain or change an e-mailaddress. Virtuozzo is the perfect software to run your online business on.

Virtuozzo tutorials

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