How does a virtual server work?

Powerful, flexible and affordable

The Flexserver Virtual Private Server (VPS) is an affordable, scalable solution allowing you to run multiple web sites on your Linux server. Our VPS combines the benefits of a dedicated server with the ease of shared hosting by dividing one physical server in multiple virtual servers.
  • Full control
  • Available immediately
  • Can be used with Plesk
  • Powerful and flexible
  • Optimized resource usage

How does a virtual dedicated server work?

With the help of specially developed software we can divide one physical (dedicated) server into multiple virtual dedicated servers. This gives you all the advantages and performance of a dedicated server at a price that suits your pocket. In essence, more freedom, more space and more speed than a shared hosting plan without the financial layout of a dedicated server plan.

VDS - Virtual dedicated server

Flexservers' virtual servers give you the freedom to divide your disk space among your or your customers' websites. You can create your own hosting plans; create POP boxes, databases and FTP users without limitations - a great advantage compared with shared hosting packages. The only limitation are the maximum number of domains, monthly traffic and available disk space.
For each virtual server, Flexservers guarantees several hardware performances. Details about this are included in the product overview VDS Plesk.

Proved concept

The Virtuozzo software splits one dedicated server into multiple virtual servers. In this way, a virtual server optimizes the use of system resources - using the minimum when at rest, with the option to boost when you need maximum performance. The dedicated servers of Flexservers contain the best available hardware, and are optimized for intensive, heavy use. A dedicated server set up to contain multiple virtual servers is called a hardware node.
The virtual servers function as dedicated servers; they have their own operating system and can be installed and managed independently of each other. With a VPS you can install software independently from other VPS users. At server level you can use your own configuration and adjust all user rights as you please.


Your virtual dedicated server has root access, and can be equipped with Plesk. Plesk is a control panel that allows you to manage your VDS. Using Plesk does not require professional system management knowledge - a normal knowledge of Linux management is sufficient. Want to know more about Plesk? See our special Plesk pages.

VDS Plesk

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How does a VDS work