Virtual dedicated server

Upgrade your virtual server as your business grows

Our virtual dedicated servers are both interactive designer and developer friendly and a natural step up from entry level hosting. With higher performance than shared hosting, no drops in traffic, easier management of multiple domains, root access, and the power of a dedicated, our VDSs are a winning combination of performance and scalability.
  • 40GB to 160GB storage
  • 1GB to 4GB Memory
  • CentOS 5 with PHP 5 and MySQL 5 pre-installed
  • Plesk control panel
  • Instant scalability
  • High-end hardware
  • Install your own software
virtual dedicated server

What is a VDS?

A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a physical server that is divided into one or more smaller Virtual Dedicated Server(s) by using virtualisation software. Our virtual dedicated servers have the same qualities as a traditional dedicated server with all the additional benefits of a virtual server.

Plesk VDS 1GB Root VDS

  • 1 GB Guaranteed memory
  • 40 GB Disk space
  • Power  power
Setup cost € 49,- Free Starting at € 89,- per month
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The power of a VDS

Each VDS is able to acquire the guaranteed resources available on the hardware node; no more, no less. There is no overbooking such as in shared hosting. Our lower priced VPS servers have guaranteed memory, but again, it is not possible to peak above the set memory limit.

Low-budget Server versus a Virtual Dedicated Server

Comparison of a cheap dedicated (up to € 100,– per month) server with a virtual dedicated server in the same price range.

Dedicated server
Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)
Processor 1 Pentium or AMD processor 2 quadcore Xeon processoren
Memory Maximum 2 GB Maximum 4 GB
(up to 10 GB incl. swap)
Diskspace 160-250 GB 40-200 GB
Number of disks Maximum 2 Default 4
Diskspeed 7.200 RPM (RAID 1) 15.000 RPM SCSI (RAID 5)
Power supply 1 Power supply 2 hotswappable Power supplies
Backup With script to backup-server Easy backup and restore using Virtuozzo backup
Network 10-100 Mbit 1 Gbit network port
System management Command line Via web-interfaces
and command line
Reboot External via APC power control (additional fee) Via Virtuozzo control panel (included)
Migrations With downtime only Without downtime
Uptime Always downtime with hardware failure Hardware is redundant and in most cases can be replaced without downtime
Number of servers on hardware Dedicated server, just 1 2-8 max, no resource overbooking (unused resources can be used when free)

Guaranteed memory

When you have a Flexservers Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) you always have the ability to use up to 2.5 times the memory sold. Although memory management by Virtuozzo works differently than on a traditional dedicated server, this extra memory will have the same function as regular swap memory. This swap memory is normally set to twice the amount of available physical RAM. A server with 1 GB of memory therefore has 2 GB of swap and 3 GB memory in total. A VDS with 1 GB memory can use 2,5 GB memory, plus an additional 10% of memory. Only when the physical memory on a hardware node is not used by other VDSs can your VDS use this memory; all in all, much faster than a regular swap.

Overview of VDS products vds

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