Paid support

Information about Paid support

What does Paid support cost?

Paid support will be charged at an hourly rate of € 80,- (€ 20,- for each 15 minutes). For Paid support, you need to create a support ticket.

What is covered by Paid support?


User questions about Plesk details Userlevel support in Plesk covers enduser support, ie. adding a domain, mailbox, mailforward or mysql database.
Plesk configuration details Questions about configuring Plesk as an administrator, ie. setting up a global DNS template, setting up options for a virtual host, adding extra IP addresses, or changing administrator data.
Plesk problem analysis details An analysis why a change in the Plesk configuration is not giving the expected result.
Plesk troubleshooting details Solving the problem that a change in the Plesk configuration did not give the expected result.


Reboot details Rebooting your server by doing a power-off/power-on cycle.
Reinstall server details The server will be reinstalled completely, resulting in the status that it had directly after delivery. Please note that we do not create back ups.
Reboot troubleshooting details Troubleshooting after a reboot to make the server reachable again through the network, ie. doing a operating system file check.


Hardware analysis details All hardware of your server will be analysed. In case of hardware problems discovered, Flexservers will fix them regarding the SLA that applies to your server.


Migration of a server details The migration to another operating system, Plesk version or IP-address.


Configuration of PHP settings details This implies custom configuration and modification of PHP settings like safe mode, register globals or magic quotes on your server.

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Paid support