What can I do with Plesk?

Let the control panel do the job

Plesk contains numerous features. Whether it's domain management, automization of time consuming tasks, or a clear and complete overview of your customers and their behaviour, you can do it with Plesk.

The graphical interface greatly simplifies server and domain management. Clear, fully customizable menus allow easy server navigation. Everyone with a basic knowledge of shared hosting can start with Plesk immediately. The Plesk tutorials and extensive Plesk documentation offer a helping hand when needed.
Summarized, Plesk is a very powerful control panel that really makes life easy!

Features of Plesk

Below is a summary of just a few of the new modules and Plesk features. Extended information can be found on the Plesk documentation page.

  • Seamless integration Virtuozzo - Virtuozzo creates separate environments, environments that operate with more stability and are more secure. More accounts can be managed, easier, better and safer.
  • Plesk Desktop - Each hosting customer, whether beginner or expert, can customize Plesk Desktop to his own needs. The Desktop provides quick and easy access to important information and statistics.
  • Acronis True Image Module - Create backup images without disturbing server processes.
  • Flexible Interface Templates - This new, dynamic module allows you to simplify the interface, making it more intuitive and well-organized for you, and your customers.
  • Domain Aliases - Create alternative domain names and use them as aliases to web sites and e-mail addresses.
  • Watchdog 2 - Watchdog 2 monitors the disk spae and security. When a problem occurs, reports can be generated automatically.
  • New Backup Utility - The new backup/restore utility allows a simple back up and restore process of accounts.
  • Autoinstaller V3 - Multiple servers can be upgraded at once, saving both time and money! Support of new operating systems is also easier.

Plesk Add-ons

Plesk provides many additional options. With these options you can customize Plesk fully to your own needs and wishes.

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