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Flexservers - the specialist in virtual servers

Flexservers has almost a decade of experience in virtual and dedicated servers. With our focus on continual innovation, competitive costs, optimum quality and service, Flexservers is one of the most renowned hosting companies in the Dutch market.

Flexibility and power

Our customers benefit from our deep experience, strong values and quality products - all of which means they can develop and manage their own businesses profitably and efficiently.

Virtual server (VPS) - Enjoy the ease of shared hosting, but with the advantages of a dedicated server. Available with Debian of CentOS with Plesk.

Virtial Dedicated Server (VDS) - Best of both worlds. Guaranteed resources combined with the Flexibility of a virtual server. Available with Plesk on CentOS.

Dedicated Server (DS) - For high-end users looking for maximum performance. Available with Plesk.

All products are immediately available in multiple configurations, and are scalable. Maximum control, maximum growth!

Quality and service

Flexservers offers a perfect combination of top of the bill hardware and software together with a high-end network; and all that for very competitive prices! This makes our virtual and dedicated servers available for a wide range of companies, and even individuals.
Our web servers are monitored 24/7 by experienced, professional system administrators. All our products come with Basic Support as standard. For problems that are not covered by Basic Support, you can use our Paid Support services.

More about our network

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