Dedicated Server (DS)

High end dedicated servers at a very competitive price

Whether you need full control of your server environment, host mission critical or heavy traffic e-commerce sites, serve databases or processor heavy applications or even host gaming or multimedia sites, the Flexservers dedicated server is the server for you.

Tailored to your needs

Flexservers provides a wide range of dedicated server solutions - all with great flexibility. You can choose from our competitively priced standard offer or, with the guidance of one of our account managers, put together a custom system designed exactly to meet your needs. Either way you benefit from the quality, service and professionalism that makes Flexservers a market leader.

  • Two power supplies
  • APC power reboot for easy reboots
  • Dell remote access card
  • High-end Cisco switch
  • Managed Cisco Firewall (optional)
  • Server with 2 Gigabit networkports
  • 8 IP-addresses (VLAN)
  • Hot-swappable diskdrives
  • Minimum of 1 GB RAM
  • Windows 2008, CentOS 5.x of Debian 5.x OS
  • Also available with Plesk

dedicated servers, dedicated server

Professional hardware

We use only high quality hardware by Dell for all of our dedicated servers. All our dedicated server solutions are delivered as 'root' servers. This means you have full access to the server and are responsible for maintaining it. With this solution Flexservers only provides basic support. Basic support contains the initial installation of your server with the operating system of your choice and, where requested, Virtuozzo and/or Plesk. We provide a full guarantee on the hardware according to Dell's SLA. Flexservers manages the network your server is in. For maintaining a 'root'-server it is important that you have sufficient knowledge of system administrating as well as knowledge of the applications you will be running on your server.

Your (managed) server is in good hands

Need extended support from our support desk? Do you want a system engineer available for your server day and night? If you do, Flexservers offers a managed hosting contract with an agreed SLA to resolve issues you may encounter with your server

Our dedicated server products are designed specifically to meet your needs; a fully tailored web hosting solution. If you are looking for an excellent product with the insurance of a good reliable network with sufficient capabilities to expand, then a 'root'-server is your best choice. If you are looking for extended support and technical advice, a managed contract for your dedicated server is highly recommended.


If the server resources you're looking for are more modest, and you are looking for an affordable (managed or root) server, then our virtual private server (VPS) or Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) products offer a stunning price to performance ratio.

Our sales and account managers are happy to provide you with solid, professional advice on the dedicated server solution to suit both your business needs and your pocket.

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Why should I choose a dedicated server?
Full control of your server environment

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